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I have the privilege to teach Green Building classes as well as Energy & The Environment at San Jose State University. Bellow is an example of a curriculum.
J'ai la chance d'enseigner un ensemble de classes autour des techniques de construction durables, et des economies d'energies. Voici un exemple.

ENVS 132 Passive Solar Design for Building - class documents:

1. Syllabus
2. Lecture #1 slides
3. Lecture #2 slides
4. Lecture #3 slides
5. Lecture #4 slides
6. Lecture #5 slides

7. Lecture #6 slides
8. Lecture #7 slides

9. Lecture #8 slides
10. Lecture #9 slides
11. Lecture #10 slides
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13. Lecture #12 slides


I graduated from San Jose State University with a MS in Environmental Science in May 2011. As a graduate student, I wrote a thesis titled (clic on the title to download the 150 pages document in pdf):

Dans le cadre de mon master en sciences environnementales, j'ai fait mes recherches sur l'impact environmental de l'industrie du developpement photo rapide (minilab) comparant les annees 1996 et 2006 pour la circonscription de Santa Clara, en Californie. Cette these est telechargeable en cliquant sur le titre ci-dessous.


Consumer digital cameras appeared on the market in 1994. Consequently, the photoprocessing industry experienced a downturn beginning in 2000, with a sudden drop in activity. This study focuses on the evolution of the retail photoprocessing industry between 1996 and 2006 and evaluates its four major environmental impacts: (1) energy use, (2) associated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), (3) silver discharge, and (4) water consumption. The main method used for data analysis is based on the ISO 14040 standard for Life Cycle Assessment. The study utilizes data from: (a) impact quantification for two photoprocessing labs in Santa Clara County, and (b) a census of retail photoprocessing labs in Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP) service area, based on wastewater permits. The analysis indicates that the changes in the activity of local retail photoprocessors correspond to a 43% reduction in energy consumption, a 69% reduction in GHG emissions, a 71% reduction in silver discharge, and a 68% decrease in water consumption. However, concurrent changes in the way people consume photography indicate that county-level reductions in energy use and GHG associated emissions have been displaced due to increased use of other electronic devices, like digital cameras.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major (Sociology and Mass Communication) in June 2008.
Here are the main papers I wrote.

Voici quelques exemples de recherches déjà faites en étudiant en Licence (s) de Communication et de Sociologie

Energy and Society (Prof. Daniel Kammen) - Policy Memo
"California Motorcycle's Emission Regulation"
"Regulations des emissions des motos en Californnie"
(1 pages, 92 Kb)
MY_POLICY_MEMO.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Ecological Economics in Historical Context (Prof. Richard Norgaard) - Final paper
Final paper: "It's time to change our children's education on economics."
"Il est temps de changer l'education que recoivent nos enfants par rapport a l'economie"
(9 pages, 104 Kb)
Delaveau_B_Final_ER180.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Paper: "Capitalism and Sustainable Development."
"Capitalisme et le developpement durable"
(6 pages, 84 Kb)
Delaveau_B_paper2.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Paper: "Was Marx Greener than Red?"
"Marx etait-il plus vert que rouge?"
(6 pages, 84 Kb)
Delaveau_B_paper1.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Sociology Seminar (Prof. Kim Voss) - Personal research paper.
Final paper: "French Workers’ Social Boundaries in 2007"
La perception "des autres" chez les employés et travailleurs Français."
(22 pages, 260 Kb)
Final_Soc190_Spring07.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Sociology 101 (Prof. Riley) - Contemporary Social Theory
Final paper:
Final_101b.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Sociology 105 (Prof. Lucas) - Introduction to Sociological Methods
Final paper: "The Rationale Behind Car Choice in Europe"
(17 pages, 592 Kb)
La logique de choix des véhicules particuliers en Europe.

carchoice.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Sociology 170 (Prof. Powers) - Social Psycology
Final Paper: "How eBay Members Build Identities to Optimize Their Success"
(17 pages, 64 Ko)
Comment les membres eBay construisent une identitée pour optimiser leurs chances de succés.
ebayidentity.pdf (clic here to download the file)

American Studies C132B (Prof. Richard Candida Smith) - U.S Intellectual History mid-19th century to the present.
Research Paper 1: "Alexis de Tocqueville 'Democracy in America' Reviews"
(8 pages, 72 Ko)
En quoi les réflexions d'Alexis de Tocqueville sont toujours d'actualités.
Alexis_de_Tocqueville.pdf (clic here to download the file)

Research Paper 2: "A Review of Ansel Adams 'Letters 1916-1984' " (7 pages, 64 Ko)
Etudes et résumé des lettres écrites par le photographe Ansel Adams.

Ansel_Adams.pdf (clic here to download the file)


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